International Symposium - 2018

2nd International Symposium on Accounting and Reporting

Co-operative Socio-economic Transformation - June 25 & 26, 2018, London, UK

The Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting (CEARC) and the Co-operative Management Education (CME) program co-hosted the 2nd International Symposium on Accounting and Reporting, London, UK.

The objective of the symposium was to gather together international expertise firmly grounded in an understanding of co-operatives, as transformational organizations, to identify new conceptual contributions and new functional tools. The Symposium was comprised of 25 experts from 8 countries representing 19 institutions and focused on leading practices for co-operative accounting and reporting. The meeting started with a Welcome from Ed May, Chief Executive, Co-operatives UK and a call to action from Karen McCardle, CPA Canada for co-operatives to consider the UN Sustainable Development Goals when evaluating performance. Throughout the two days we heard from a wide array of co-operative experts from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, United States and Canada.

During the coming months, we will consolidate the results of the workshops into a framework map of a systematic co-operative accounting and reporting approach. The map will identify the key factors to be measured with the intention of setting the stage for the systematic use of: suitable measures already developed and in use; measures that can be adapted; and new measures that need to be created.  A summary will be posted in the CEARC website in Fall, 2018.

Conference Program

International Symposium on Accounting and Reporting: Program 2018


Presentations are listed alphabetically by author.


Bouchard, Marie and Damien Rousseliere - Update on global efforts to collect statistics on co-ops | ISAR Bouchard Presentation

Chalal, Jas - Increasing relevance of non-GAAP balances and disclosures compared to current GAAP requirements for co-operative

Costa, Ericka, Carla Antonini and Michele Andreaus  - Co-accountability: a framework of multi-stakeholder engagement for long term sustainability | ISAR Co-Accountability_2018_Antonini Costa

Glassford, Ian - Budget as an expression of strategic intent and outcome

Glassford, Ian - Understanding “enough” can transform a cooperative

Hicks, Elizabeth - Accounting and Reporting for Co-operative Principles

Koo, Chungok - Cooperative Accounting in Korea: Practices and Problems

Mack, Janet - Fit for Purpose - conceptual framework for co-operatives

McCardle, Karen - Co-operatives for a sustainable world (SDG lens) | ISAR Cooperatives for a Sustainable World - McCardle

McCulloch, Maureen - Accounting for Real Utopias - Not for profit accounting as possible inspiration for co-operatives? ISAR McColluch Presentation

Polo-Garrido, Fernando - How member economic participation (member transactions, patronage, etc.) is accounted and reported | ISAR Fernando Presentation

Rixon, Daphne and Fiona Duguid - Financial and non-financial indicators | ISAR Developing KPIs - Rixon & Duguid

Robbins, Julia – International Integrated Reporting

Russelier, Damien - Is value added a reliable indicator for the measurement of the economic contribution of cooperatives? Some insights from on a critical review of the academic literature | ISAR Damien Presentation

Tantram, Joss - All capitals are unequal, but some are more unequal than others  |  ISAR Joss Tantram - Exploring Multiple Capitals - 25 June 2018

Ward, Anne Marie - Quality of accounting information provided by Credit Unions in Northern Ireland | ISAR Credit Union Accountability and Accounting Quality - Ward

Webb, Tom - What should accounting for co-ops do? What’s the purpose? Why does it matter?

Woodell, Vivian and John Sanford - The challenge for the co-operative sector is not to design competing frameworks focused on a different simple purpose but to encourage reporting tools which reflect their complexity while retaining as much in terms of cost-effectiveness, replicability and comparability of results as is feasible