Tools Conference

Tools to Measure Co-operative Performance and Impact

CEARC co-hosted with the Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network (MCDRN) in 2014 to organize an international conference focued on how and why co-operatives assess their performance and impacts on society.

The outcomes from the conference were examined at the ICA Research Conference conference in Croatia ( Conference organizers, in collaboration with the Centre of the Study of Co-operatives at the University of Saskatchewan, have published a free book "Co-operatives for Sustainable Communities". order here.

Conference Program

Measuring the Co-operative Difference: Community Impact and Member Engagement... ‌ (Final Report pdf)

Presentations are listed alphabetically by author.

Andreaus, Michele - Integrated Accountability System

Brown, L, Hicks, E; Leclerc A; Jackson-Wood, S - Sustainability and Planning Scorecard

Carini, Chiara - The World Co-operative Monitoring Project

Christiansen, Russ - Co-operative Sustainability Scorecard

Dumont, Melanie - Co-operative Identity and Survival Rate and Data Collections and Statistics

ElYoussef, Hanan - Blueprint Strategy

Glas, Mariano - Cooperativa Obrera

Gordon Nembhard, Jessica - Measuring Community Impact of Co-operatives

Guy, Denyse -

Herbert, Yuill - Sustainability Reporting and Co-operatives

Hewitt, Myrna - Values Based Banking

Hough, Peter - The Co-op Index: Walk the Talk

Marino, Manuel - Co-operative Social Audit and Certification

McInnis, Anne-Marie

McNamara, John - Social Audit - Creating Structures on the Cheap

Martin, Kate

Novkovic, Sonja - Co-operative Performance: What to Measure and Why

Simmons, Richard

Sparreboom, Theo - Statistical Information Challenges

Strube, Martin - Assessing the Quality of a Democracy

Yuill, Bob - Loyalty - Participation - Communication

Westwood, Joanne - Integrated Reporting