ACT Project Team and Partners

Project Team Members

The project leads are Dr. Fiona Duguid, CEARC Research Fellow and Dr. Daphne Rixon, CEARC Executive Director, and the team members are Josée Charbonneau and Eric Gosselin.

Project IT Partner

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Weaver Digital Design & Storytelling Coop

CEARC has partnered with Weaver Digital Design & Storytelling Coop (   to develop the ACT Dashboard where co-operatives can enter their data and then download reports and infographics to use for their needs such as annual reports, strategic management communications, and operations. The ACT Dashboard is aiming to be ready by December 2022, in time for co-operatives to enter their information for year-end.

ACT Project Partners

CPA Canada has provided funding for this project, IRECUS has provided research assistance and translation. and Co-operatives Mutuals Canada has promoted participation in the project with its member co-operatives. 

ACT Project Partner Logos

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