Public Transit / Bus Pass

Relax while someone else drives

All full-time Saint Mary’s students are automatically given a UPass—full, unlimited access to Halifax Metro Transit services for the duration of the academic year. This convenient program helps you get where need to go, without having to search for parking, maintain a car, and pay for gas. And just think of all that studying you can get done while someone else is at the wheel.

Getting a UPass

Visit the Information Desk in the Student Centre lobby to pick up your UPass sticker, which goes on your student ID. They’re available beginning September 1st for the Fall semester and the first day of classes in January for the Winter semester. Just show the staff your validated student ID and they’ll give you your sticker.


If you take three or more classes in a semester, you must participate in the program for the duration of those academic terms. If you’re full-time for the year, you’ll be charged a $146 fee. If you’re only full-time for one semester, you’ll pay $72.50, and you’ll only be able to use it for that one semester.

Please note, if you lose your student ID, you’ll be charged to replace your UPass sticker in addition to the $20 replacement fee for your ID. The fee for your first UPass replacement sticker is $25. The replacement fee is $50 if you lose your pass a second time. Subsequent replacement costs are the full fee.

If you need a replacement UPass, visit the SMUSA office on the 5th floor of the Student Centre.

Find out where your UPass could take you.