Student Societies

Student Societies

Find Common Ground

Just about everything is more fun when you share it with someone else. Round out your university experience by joining one of the many student societies (on the SMUSA site) or sport club. By joining a group of students who share similar interests, you’ll quickly make friends and connections with the potential to endure long after your university years are over.

And there’s no shortage of clubs and societies to choose from. Whether you’re a gamer, a philanthropist, or an activist, there’s a group at Saint Mary’s that’s looking for you.

Make a Cultural Connection

At Saint Mary’s, you’ll always feel connected. While our overall campus atmosphere is welcoming, friendly, and diverse, sometimes you want to be with people who share the same values, culture, and perspective. Whether you’re an international student or a Canadian, consider joining one of our many culture-based societies, including:

  • Aboriginal Society
  • African Student Society
  • Caribbean Society
  • Chinese Student Society
  • Korean Students Society
  • Latin America Society
  • Muslim Society
  • Saudi Students Society

See the list of current active societies.