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On-Campus Creativity

For Saint Mary’s students, there’s no shortage of cultural exposure. Not only are we located in a culture-rich city filled with music, galleries, and theatre, we also added our own on-campus gallery in 1971. The gallery, which was built to National Gallery of Canada Standards, was the first purpose-built university art gallery in Halifax and focuses on contemporary art.

We’re also home to one of the finest pianos in the region. Many regional and international musicians have played concerts and recorded on this beautiful instrument.

The Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the Loyola Building. Due renovations and the construction of two new buildings near the gallery, our operations will be slow in returning to normal, but will continue.  Please visit our squarespace page ( or our socials for the most current information.

Our collection

We have over 2000 works in our permanent collection, which focuses on contemporary Canadian artists. Some of our most notable pieces are works by Nelly Beveridge Gray. We’re proud to feature her watercolours and rubbings of historic reliefs in Mesoamerica, Europe, and Asia.

Many works from our collection are displayed throughout the campus, including commissioned works by John Greer and Mathew Reichertz. We also show works by a variety of artists associated with the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD), including Gerald Ferguson, Mitchell Wiebe, and Lucy Pullen.

All of our exhibitions and associated programmes receive significant support from the Canada Council for the Arts.



 Current Exhibition

The gallery is currently closed for renovations.  When these are completed this summer look for information on Window Studio Project #6: Adam Myatt coming soon!




Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2022: J.I.M.

Three local painters Jack Bishop, Ivan Murphy and Mitchell Wiebe will exhibit individual works as well as pieces on which they have collaborated.  These three painters have studio space in the Army/Navy Surplus building on Agricola Street.  Although they have their own studios, the space also has a large common area.  This makes for interesting conversation and artistic collaboration.




Art Gallery

The Saint Mary's Gallery focuses on contemporary art, and features both emerging and established artists.


Our Permanent Collection

Our permanent collection contains over 2500 works, including such contemporary artists as Marlene Creates, Peter Dykhuis, Gerald Ferguson, Lorraine Field, Jamelie Hassan, Charlotte Lindgren, Camille Zakharia and Matt Wedel.

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Contact Information

The Gallery is located on the 1st floor of the Loyola Academic Complex on the Saint Mary's University Campus.

Hours of Operation

Please check our social media for new happenings and limited open hours.


Please see Exhibitions page for our schedule. 

Admission is free.

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General Information

Media inquiries or to purchase a catalogue, please email:  

Pam Corell
Assistant Curator
Phone: 902-456-3632 cell
Please email Pam with any questions or concerns about Permanent Collection Works on Campus

Mailing address:

Saint Mary's University Art Gallery
923 Robie Street
Halifax, NS
B3H 3C3


Shipping address
5865 Gorsebrook Avenue, Loyola Bldg, 1st Floor, Halifax, NS B3H 1G3

GPS coordinates: N 44 37 47 W 63 34 43

Hours and Contact Information

The Gallery is located on the 1st floor of the Loyola Academic Complex on the Saint Mary’s University Campus.

Admission is free. 

Hours of OperationDue to renovations/construction, the gallery is currently closed to visitors.  Please check our social media for the latest happenings (see addresses below).

Please see the Exhibitions page for our schedule. The gallery is closed for installation between exhibitions.

General Information

Phone: 902.420.5445

See our Contacts page for our staff list and shipping address.

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Twitter: @SMUgallery
Instagram: @smugallery

All of our exhibitions and associated programmes receive significant support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Halifax Regional Municipality.