Dietary Considerations

Special Diets

If you have food allergies or special dietary requirements, our goal is to provide you with tools to support your needs.

Our teams will help you dine on campus safely and take an active role in the management of your food allergy or food-related medical condition.

We take into account your personal dietary needs and will make every effort to help you transition into your new life at Saint Mary’s University.

Registered Dietitians

SMU Dining has two amazing Registered Dietitians!

Our Registered Dietitians offer free nutrition counseling and consultation services to all SMU students, faculty, and staff.

The Dietitians collaborate with wellness facilitators from SMU to offer workshops, educational sessions and nutrition information.

Contact one of SMU Dining’s Dietitians today:

Registered Dietitian for SMU Dining, Kelly Munroe

Kelly Munroe, RD

Nutrition & Safety Manager

Human Resources Coordinator

SMU Dining

Melanie Ingram, RD

Marketing Manager

SMU Dining

Dietary Needs

Options for a Variety of Healthy Lifestyles

We understand that you want meal options that suit your personal preferences, cultural obligations, and dietary needs. Whether you’re an international student with specific dietary requirements or you’re vegan or vegetarian, our menu is chock full of choices that will keep you eating healthy.

Canada’s Food Guide

According to Canada’s Food Guide, it’s important to balance your meals to:

  • ensure you are receiving adequate nutrients 
  •  control blood sugar levels 
  • create a feeling of satisfaction
  • lose and maintain weight

What does “balanced” mean? A balanced meal contains at least three of the four food groups and a balanced snack contains two of the four food groups.

Learn more about healthy eating.