Spanish/Latin American Studies

Why Study Spanish?

  • After mandarin, Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. English is third!
  • Anyone aspiring to work in Latin America, Spain, or the U.S. and Canada with overseas operations should speak Spanish.
  • Spanish introduces you to a vibrant culture full of colors, passion, amazing food and natural wonders
  • Spanish opens your mind to a new way of global understanding.
  • Immerse yourself in a Fiesta and learn to converse with native speakers.

Spanish and Hispanic Culture

Our vibrant department offers a major and minor in “Spanish and Hispanic Culture,” as well as a minor in “Latin American Studies.” We provide a wide selection of courses ranging from Spanish language to courses on Latin American culture and literature taught in both English and Spanish. Throughout the year, we organize extracurricular cultural activities, tutoring services, and exciting opportunities for study abroad.

Spanish CoursesThe Department offers a balanced program involving courses in language, culture, and literature.


We offer Spanish language courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, all of which have an emphasis on developing communicative skills. In addition, we offer courses on Latin American culture, literature and film. You can choose between courses offered in English or Spanish. A selection of our course offerings includes:

  •  Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • Introduction to Spanish language
  • Intermediate Spanish Communication Skills
  • Advanced Spanish Conversation trough Film
  • Introduction to Latin American Literature
  • 20th Century Latin American Literature
  • Latin American Travel Literature
  • Dictatorship and memory in Latin American Modern Fiction
  • Latin American Dystopias

Study abroad

SMU students can receive transfer credits toward a degree in Spanish by taking part in our study abroad programs. Recent graduates have received credit for studying in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Spain.

Students who successfully complete their study abroad programs receive credit recognition at SMU:  up to 9 credits per term abroad (6 weeks – 120 hours); and/or summer courses.

To participate in a Study Abroad Program, students must have the approval of the department, and maintain a CGPA of 2.00 or above. One of the prerequisites to participate in this program is having completed 6 credit hours in Spanish at SMU in the year prior to departure.

Contact Dr. Andrés Arteaga for details:

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