Financial Aid

Many students go through their university careers not knowing all of the amazing scholarships and bursaries that were available to them and unfortunately miss out – being able to access the Indigenous Student Advisor puts you at an advantage as you will have direct information to all internal and external scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for!

Visiting the Indigenous Student Advisor on a regular basis is always a good idea as they will have new and up to date information every week!

Before you head to university or if you are already here check out what your province offers (if Canadian) in terms of Indigenous Canadian scholarships and bursaries and the most famous one - Indspire. Most provinces have scholarship and bursary opportunities and programs for you to access. Be sure to contact your local Mi’kmaq Friendship Center or search the internet before ruling out that there are none. You may just be surprised!

  • Entrance Scholarship - Science Scholarship
  • Post – Secondary Award - Teacher Scholarship
  • Short-Term Job Training Grant

Below are some great awards/scholarships for Indigenous/Metis/Inuit Students:

Please contact your Indigenous Student Advisor for more information on Financial Aid:

Raymond Sewell is located in Burke 113 or can be reached at 902-491-6578.


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