Power and Purpose of Intercooperation

Building complex networks and co-operative economies

With the United Nations declaring 2025 an International Year of Co-operatives, the timing is right to spotlight the power and potential of co-operatives working together to build complex networks and co-operative economies that deliver well-being for all.

Join us for this engaging short course on intercooperation as we explore practical strategies big and small that create tangible value for your co-operative while reinforcing the co-operative ecosystem.

Effective intercooperation is grounded in trust and familiarity, and the resulting complex networks are strengthened by the presence of reinforcing links at multiple points of relationship.

  • Are we familiar with the wealth of co-operatives outside of our co-operative’s industry and membership model?
  • Can we make visible points of convergence and congruence with other co-operatives?
  • Can we translate the power and potential of intercooperation to our co-operative, members, colleagues, and communities?

Whether you are new to co-operatives or an experienced co-operative professional, this short course will stretch your thinking. You will gain a toolkit of practices, a new network of colleagues, and a deepened appreciation for the potential that intercooperation creates to build more robust, sustainable, and inclusive co-operative economies. 


  • Consider how you articulate your own co-operative sector within the context of others to build a greater understanding of our collective potential. 
  • Gain an understanding of complex networks and their role in building co-operative economies at the conceptual, systems, and applied levels.
  • Learn about specific examples of intercooperation, complex networks, and co-operative economies.

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Course Fee

$320 USD


Email Jillian.Stagg@smu.ca to register your interest!