Taking Action on Principle 6

Leveraging Our Collective Potential

Look no further than the co-operative values and principles to see that inter-co-operation is hard-wired into our enterprise model, motivating us to work together to build the economy and communities around us.

Join fellow leaders in an interactive short course to take a deep dive on this topic from diverse perspectives - from the role of associations and federations to business partnerships and supply chains, to the development of new co-operatives. All content and examples will illustrate the benefits of inter-co-operation in strengthening co-operatives, economies, and communities. This short course will discuss a range of frameworks and examples, giving you and your co-operative the tools to do more and go further to leverage our collective potential.March 28, 2023

Course Facilitators

The course is facilitated by Erin Hancock, Education Manager at the International Centre for Co-operative Management, and includes speakers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Basque Country (Spain):

  • Karen Miner, International Centre for Co-operative Management
  • Sonja Novkovic, International Centre for Co-operative Management
  • Fred Freundlich, LANKI, Mondragon University
  • Erbin Crowell, Neighboring Food Co-op Association, National Co-operative Business Association
  • Alberto Irezabal Vilaclara, presenting on Yomol A’tel, Chiapas region, Mexico
  • Cornelius Blanding, Federation of Southern Cooperatives / Land Assistance Fund
  • Iva Jankovic, British Columbia Co-operative Association, presenting on In Our Hands Co-operative


  • The course scheduled for April 25-26, 2023 has been cancelled
  • If you are interested in a future course offering, please contact Erin Hancock at erin.hancock@smu.ca