Partnership for Productive Organizational Conflict


Our goal is to develop, cultivate and share the most effective best practices in organizational conflict resolution. The partnership will develop a research-to-practice network to measure the impact of workplace conflict resolution programs on employee attitudes, engagement, and efficacy, and to distill and disseminate best practices. We are seeking individuals and organizations to join our growing partnership.

**We invite individuals with an interest in developing and sharing knowledge and practice around organizational conflict resolution to join the Partnership for Productive Organizational Conflict (PPOC). Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or manager, we welcome you to join our network of highly skilled and motivated partners. Please contact Debra Gilin Oore.

** Would your organization benefit from a new and/or improved conflict resolution program? Do you wonder how your organization’s conflict resolution program compares to others?  If you would like to register your organization to participate in a study on conflict resolution, please contact Debra Gilin Oore. Participating organizations will help us co-create cutting edge knowledge on best practices in conflict resolution programs, and we hope to tie strong organizational conflict interventions in the workplace to employee functioning and well-being. Your organization may benefit from state-of-the-art benchmarking of your current or planned conflict resolution practices.