Partnership for Productive Organizational Conflict


This section is designed to provide researchers and practitioners with a list of excellent resources for conflict resolution and management. Click on the links below to start exploring.

Difficult Conversation Videos (Dalhousie University)

Dalhousie University’s HR department and Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Harassment Prevention have created a  series of excellent short-videos that portray difficult conversations in the workplace and strategies for positive resolution. These difficult conversations can span across workplaces, topics, and roles. Click the PDF below or go to the Youtube channel to view Dalhousie’s Difficult Conversation videos.


Conflict Resolution Network (Free Training Material)

Includes open source guides, manuals, exercises, and book chapters on resolving conflict.

HR Council of Canada (Overview of Workplace Conflict)

A conflict resolution resource designed for the nonprofit sector but can be useful for all sectors.

Vancouver Island University (Managing Workplace Conflict)

A resource for managing conflict in an academic setting but is a useful resource for other domains as well.