Research Initiatives


Our partnership of scholars, partner organizations, and supporting and dissemination organizations will form a new research-to-practice network with three main goals.The implementation of three interrelated studies will provide a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of when, why, and how workplace conflict resolution programs improve employee quality of life and performance, with practical lessons for best practices in program implementation.

Results of these studies will be posted in this section of the website as they become available.

** Would your organization benefit from a new and/or improved conflict resolution program? Do you wonder how your organization’s conflict resolution program compares to others?  If you would like to register your organization to participate in a study on conflict resolution, please contact Debra Gilin Oore.

Are you a manager or director that wants to conduct an employee survey but do not have the time or resources to execute it? The partnership is willing to help conduct and analyse a survey for your organization if you are willing to include items related to workplace conflict.

Participating organizations will help us co-create cutting edge knowledge on best practices in conflict resolution programs, and we hope to tie strong organizational conflict interventions in the workplace to employee functioning and well-being. Your organization may benefit from state-of-the-art benchmarking of your current or planned conflict resolution practices.