The Workplace Review

The Workplace Review

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌The Workplace Review is currently on hiatus, and the future of the journal is uncertain at this time. Many thanks from the editorial team for your support over the past years. We've been proud to publish the work of so many local and international scholars!

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Final Workplace Review Paper

 Fall 2021 Celebratory Retrospective

Enjoy these re-issued articles detailing the history of the Atlantic Schools of Business, written by alumni and friends of the Sobey PhD Program. This retrospective has been compiled by Jean Helms Mills and Albert Mills. 

  • Fleeting Thoughts on Enduring Networks: Conceptualizing the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference
    Gabrielle Durepos
  • Concerning the Strange Tale of the Missing [Organization?] and the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference 
    Anthony R. Yue

  • Narrating the ASB Conference: How the Conference is Socially Constructed Through the Time
    Salvador Barragan & Albert J. Mills
  • Entering the Professorate: When Individual Identity Constructions Meets Institutional Habituation
    William C. Murray

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