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What I Know Now

Peter Lockhard, BComm '84

“Any entrepreneur who wants to run and grow his or her own company needs a team who will ‘fill in the gaps’. Understand your own ‘gaps’ and fill them with people who will support you.”

Peter Lockhard, BCOMM '84. Peter enjoys solving complex problems. Over his career, he has taken on roles that run the gamut from auditing, to sales and marketing of interactive software and is now the Chief Operating Officer with Points International Ltd.

“People skills are crucial. Combine these with knowing the basics of business and it will go a long way to helping you succeed.”

Chief Robert Gloade, BCOMM '93

Barrinique Griffith, BComm '17

"Saint Mary’s is where I stepped up and, as a result, found my passion for leadership and helping others realize their full potential. I moved beyond my comfort zone, learned to be resilient, and to keep taking one step at a time even when the journey seemed impossibly difficult. Keep on stepping!"

-Barrinique Griffin, BCOMM '17, Valedictorian.


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