Get Involved

There are many ways alumni can get involved at the Sobey School of Business. Whatever the resources you have to share, whether time, experience, expertise, energy, connections, passion or financial support, we can offer an opportunity.

Mentor: If you would like to coach, guide and share your experience with a student, consider a mentoring relationship. Contact to learn more about this opportunity.

Speak: Share your wisdom with a class or group of students.To be added to our list of potential speakers, please upload a short bio and the topics you are interested in presenting.

Judge: “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” except during case competitions! We have regular need for judges to assist in giving students feedback during the Bob Shaw Case Competition and other Sobey Case Competitions.

Attend Events: Sobey School student societies organize dinners, forums, golf events and more throughout the year, and the Sobey School hosts alumni events regularly. These events are better for everyone when they are well-attended by alumni. Watch your alumni newsletter for information about events and opportunities to attend.

Donate: Your financial support may be directed toward a program, capital project, or toward student success in the form of bursaries or scholarships. To make a donation, please visit our Online Donation page or call toll free 1-888-SMU-GIVE (768-4483). Local Give Line: 902-492-GIVE (4483). Call 902-420-5496 or fax: 902-420-5140, email

Hire: You know better than most how well-prepared our graduates are to contribute to your firm or organization’s success. Hire Sobey School graduates! Sign up for our HireSMU service, your online portal to connect with Sobey School graduates and co-op students.