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Study in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canada by the Numbers

  • Best reputation: #1 in the world by the Reputation Institute on their 2015 Country RepTrak® Survey.
  • Happy and sustainable: #5 on the World Happiness Report 2015 issues by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
  • Economically free: #6 in the world on the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.
  • Socially progressive: #6 in the world in the annual social progress index prepared by Harvard’s Michael Porter.
  • Safe and secure: #7 on the Global Peace Index issued by the Institute for Economics & Peace.

The True North, Strong and Free

Canada is the second largest country by total area, so large it covers six time zones. We have a four season climate, a rich natural environment, and a warm, welcoming population. As a developed country and member of the G8, we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world. In international rankings, Canada scores well in terms of democracy, freedom, sustainability and press freedom.

Centre of the Atlantic Region

Saint Mary’s University is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, one of the four Atlantic Provinces on Canada’s East Coast.

The Atlantic Region is filled with forests, fresh and salt water beaches, salt marshes and lush orchards and fields. The Bay of Fundy, centrally located in the region, boasts the highest tides in the world. The cities of the region are filled with history, arts and vibrant culture.

You may want to experiment with unique Atlantic Canadian flavours and dishes such as wild blueberry grunt, donairs, Atlantic lobster and Digby scallops, spruce beer, maple ice wine, and more.

Halifax boasts seven universities. When you come to Saint Mary’s, you will join a large population of students from all over Canada and the world, on campus and off. Halifax is the economic and cultural centre of the region. We have convenient, reliable public transit, and in the tree-lined area surrounding the university, you will find comfortable accommodations, cafes, shopping, movie theatres, pubs, a large wilderness park and a beach, all within a 20 minute walk.

Location Matters

  • Flight time to Boston: 1h 30m
  • Flight time to New York: 2h 10m‌
  • Flight time to Toronto: 2h 20m
  • Flight time to London: 6h
  • Walking time to the Atlantic Ocean: 10 minutes

Important Employers

As a financial and economic centre of the region, as well as a major port, Halifax hosts a wide range of large employers. All the major banks, telecommunications and technology companies, biotech, industrial, and more are represented. In addition, Nova Scotia offers a hospitable environment to a thriving community of entrepreneurial ventures. Learn more including who the top 100 Employers in Halifax are this year by visiting the Halifax Partnership's website.

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