The core teaching and supervisory faculty consists of a team of internationally respected scholars, that consists of two Canada Research Chairs (Tier 1 and Tier 2), a 3M Teaching Award Winner, and three university-wide Research Excellence in Research Award winners. Together, they have published dozens of books, and hundreds of journal articles and conference papers. They have been recognized with national and university teaching excellence awards, and are deeply committed to the success of the Sobey PhD program.

Core Teaching Faculty 2021-22

  • Vasiliki Athanasakou, PhD

  • Matthew Boland, PhD

  • Wendy Carroll, PhD

  • Arla Day, PhD

  • Mohamed Drira, PhD

  • Kevin Kelloway, PhD

  • Natalia Kochetova, PhD

  • Feng Liu, PhD

  • Catherine Loughlin, PhD

  • Hao (Leo) Lu, PhD

  • Mohammad Rahaman, PhD

  • Firat Sayin, PhD

PhD Student Supervisors for PhD in Administration Program (Last 10 Years and Current)

  • Vasilki Athanasakou, PhD
  • Claudia DeFuentes, PhD
  • Cathy Driscoll, PhD
  • Mohamed Drira, PhD
  • Mark Fleming, PhD
  • Chantal Herveaux, PhD
  • Jean Helms Mills, PhD (Alumnae Emeritus as of SMU as at September 1, 2020)
  • Kevin Kelloway, PhD
  • Feng Liu, PhD
  • Catherine Loughlin, PhD
  • Margaret McKee, PhD
  • Albert J. Mills, PhD (Alumnae Emeritus as of  September 1, 2020)
  • Natalia Kochetova, PhD
  • Nicolas Roulin, PhD
  • Vurain Tabvuma, PhD
  • James O'Brien, PhD
  • Terry Wagard, PHD
  • Michael Zhang, PhD

SMU Dissertation Committee Members (In Addition to the Above)

  • Bruce Anderson, PhD
  • Wendy Carroll, PhD
  • Valerie Creelman, PhD
  • Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, PhD
  • Camilla M. Holmvall, PhD
  • Kate Kimery, PhD
  • Martha MacDonald, PhD
  • Russel J. Summers, PhD
  • Ramesh Venkat, PhD

Additional Dissertation Committee Members 

  • Gabrielle Durepos, PhD
  • Kelly E. Dye, PhD
  • James D. Grant, PhD
  • Chris MacDonald, PhD
  • Patricia Genoe McLaren, PhD
  • Sara Malton, PhD
  • Amy Thurlow, PhD 
  • Terrance G. Weatherbee, PhD   


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