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Ian Kamp

Ian Kamp, MTEI


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Recording artist and MTEI graduate, Ian Kamp, is never without a song in his head. Deeply rooted to Nova Scotia, Ian debuted his first album, Lost at Sea, in January 2016 at the end of his MTEI internship. His lead single was the title track Lost at Sea.

With a soulful voice, a mellow vibe, and thoughtful lyrics, he has opened for popular acts such as Jimmy Rankin. Ian is a well-rounded individual, an artist, guitarist, pianist, fiddler, drummer, songwriter, singer, businessman, and a devoted family man.

Ian’s vision and its execution go beyond his art. His dream is to build a strong community of like-minded and talented musicians via his one-stop studio, Shoebox Studios, which he has undertaken as his MTEI project. Trialing as his own first customer, for Lost at Sea, Ian created 13 original, high-quality, and heart-warming songs. He earned his MTEI degree in January 2016, and continues to earn many new fans.


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