Program Options

The MTEI Program allows you to take learning beyond the classroom. Build your startup through the applied project, or bring intrapreneurship skills to an employer through the Internship option. Or, you may choose to pursue a thesis and research a topic to position you for further studies.

Applied Project (12 - 16 months)

Complete the MTEI degree in as little as a year with this option. Focus your attention on launching a new business, product or service. You may apply to enter your student team into Volta, InNOVACorp, or another incubator facility.

Internship Option (8 months)

Once your coursework is complete, you may qualify to choose the internship option to complete your degree. Spend eight months in industry, gaining valuable exposure, and experiential learning opportunities.

We have a Co-op Placement Office, a full-time career services professional, and additional infrastructure support to help students acquire internship placements.

MTEI Thesis Option (16 months)

Under the supervision of an approved faculty member, identify a technology or business-related problem and write a thesis in an area of technological entrepreneurship and innovation. Gain and refine valuable research skills with this option.