Successful Alumni

Read some of our graduates’ thoughts on the Master of Finance program, and the impact that it’s had on their lives and careers.

With extensive resources and rigorous schedules, the 12-month Master of Finance (MFin) program provided me with a strong foundation in financial knowledge. I completed level one of the CFA exam during my studies and level two following graduation. I now work with an equity research team in one of the top tier global investment banks.

In addition to the knowledge that I’ve gained in MFin, I’ve developed strong interpersonal relationships with individuals from Canada, Europe, Middle East, and South Asia. These connections have enhanced my professional network within a global economy.

Bintuo (Neil) Ni
Class of 2015
Equity Research Analyst, Evalueserve
Toronto, Ontario

The Master of Finance (MFin) program gave me a solid understanding of finance and opened the door to the industry. As someone who had little familiarity in the field, MFin provided me with comprehensive training and knowledge that I needed in order to be successful. During the program, I applied the knowledge and skills that I acquired in order to complete CFA Level 1. This foundational experience enabled me to complete levels 2 and 3 within a two-year period.

After nearly 2 years’ experience in the hedge fund administration industry, I am now working as an Investment Analyst in the investment consulting industry. Many of the basic concepts we are using in the real world were covered in MFin. If you are someone with a strong interest in the financial industry, this program is a really good start for you.

Ryan (Xinyu) Tian
Class of 2015
Investment Analyst, Eckler Ltd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

My MFin experience has been one of the best in my life. This 12-month intensive program taught me the importance of time management and how to work under strict deadlines. This is very beneficial in the professional work environment, especially when dealing with capital markets. As someone who came from an engineering background with limited financial knowledge, MFin faculty gave me the foundational knowledge that I required in order to be successful. This understanding was essential while preparing for the CFA as well since many of the theories that we learned were on the exam. Since my completion of the program, I have remained in contact with faculty and continue to learn from their industry expertise.

During my studies, I met amazing people from around the world and made some very good friends. I learned a lot about different cultures which is so valuable when it comes to establishing positive working relationships within our global economy. For this and more, I feel very fortunate to have studied there at Saint Mary’s.

Manbir Kaur
Class of 2015
Business Analyst II, Scotiabank
Toronto, Ontario

As a project manager I provide financing services for enterprises requiring project funding. Previously, I was a fund accountant at Butterfield Fulcum. I was looking for a Masters program in finance and the high intensity of the Sobey MFin was the key appeal to me. I had heard that the Sobey Master of Finance is a high-quality program that condenses the equivalent of a two-year program into one year. I chose the MFin over the MBA because I preferred a program that was specifically about finance.

Catherine (Heju) Xu
Class of 2011
Project Manager, Shengshitianshun Investment Management Co. Ltd.
Beijing, China

If you’re aligning yourself for a realistic entry point and you really want to differentiate yourself in the market, a Master of Finance is almost an exotic product. I think that anyone who takes this program would be well-served in it.

In terms of what I do day-to-day now, even when it gets the busiest, I think back every once in a while and this is a cake-walk in comparison. I think if you can make it through [the program], you can handle the professional environment. In terms of what I do as a Risk Manager there’s nothing I haven’t faced already in the Master of Finance program. It’s really amazing how much you cram into that amount of time - you learn a lot of soft skills on top of the technical skills.

I would say that in terms of practical, entry-level knowledge, including the fundamental building blocks that it takes to move up, the MFin is great.

Denis Flinn
Class of 2009
Risk Manager, Global Risk Management