Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Entrance Scholarships

Exceptional students with Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status may qualify for the new Sobey MBA Scholarships valued at $30,000 (5 available). NEW! Learn more about the new Sobey MBA Scholarships

Upon applying to the Sobey MBA program, you are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship ranging from $1,000 CAD to $10,000 CAD. Additional scholarships (below) are available in your second year.

For a complete list, please check with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, or contact Emma Forbes.


The Robert (Bob) Shaw MBA Scholarship

  • Criteria: This scholarship provides financial support to selected part-time MBA students who have completed a total of two full MBA program credits.

The Mahon's Stationery Limited Scholarship

  • Criteria: This scholarship is open to Canadian citizens and graduate students who complete the first year of their full-time MBA program.
  • Annual Value: $1,100

The Saint Mary's University MBA Scholarship

  • Criteria: Applicants who have left full-time employment to return to University as a full-time student (not subsidized by an employer) and who have financial need. Award is based on satisfactory academic standing and completion of the first year of the MBA program.
  • Annual Value: $900

The Ronald C. MacDonald MBA Scholarship

This award honours the memory of a respected friend and colleague, Ronald C. MacDonald. Ron had a distinguished career in the supply management/purchasing profession in Canada.

  • Criteria: This scholarship is open to MBA students who demonstrate academic excellence and who are committed volunteers. Students with employment experience in, or who intend to pursue a career in supply management or a related field are preferred. Value: $400


The Kenneth WJ Butler MBA Fellowship

  • Criteria: This fellowship is offered to a first or second-year MBA student, and is based on financial need.
  • Annual Value: $2,000

The Ronald Wong Fellowship

  • Criteria: The recipient must be a full-time student pursuing a graduate degree in the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University. The recipient would have attained an above average GPA (3.5 or greater) in his/her previous year of full-time study (undergraduate or graduate). Preference will be given to a student with an interest in International Studies.
  • Annual Value: $1,100


TD Bank Financial Group MBA Award

  • Criteria: Applicants must have completed their third or fourth year in the Sobey School of Business or must be pursuing a MBA degree. Award based on a GPA of 3.5 or greater, and financial need. Applicants must have completed at least one year of study at Saint Mary's University.
  • Annual Value: $300


MBA bursaries are based on financial need, and include:

The Hak Tang Chan Memorial Bursary

  • Criteria: Awarded annually to a full-time MBA student who demonstrates financial need. Preference will be given to an international student.
  • Annual Value: $800

The Raymond W Ferguson Bursary

  • Criteria: Financial need, academic ability and demonstration of character and initiative which indicate potential leadership in the business world. Applicants must have resided in Nova Scotia for at least 10 years, completed five MBA credits at Saint Mary's University as a full-time student and must be currently enrolled in the MBA program on a full-time basis.
  • Annual Value: $800

The Dr. Richard Homburg MBA Bursary

  • Criteria: Awarded to a full-time MBA student from Atlantic Canada who has completed one full year of study and has maintained an average academic standing. The element of financial need will be an important consideration.
  • Annual Value: $500

The Gary W Richardson Memorial Bursary

  • Criteria: Applicants must be from the Atlantic Provinces, have completed at least one year of study at Saint Mary's University, and be enrolled in the Faculty of Commerce (Undergraduate or MBA program). Award based on financial need and satisfactory academic standing.