MBA Learning Goals

MBA Learning Goals

At the Sobey School of Business, we have developed learning goals to prepare you for strong and innovative business leadership.

  1. Business Knowledge and Competency
    Graduates will integrate knowledge of the functional areas of business and apply this understanding to solving complex problems experienced by organizations. Graduates will:
    1. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the functional areas of business, and how to effectively integrate and apply this knowledge.
    2. Assess the opportunities and risks faced by organizations of different size, ownership and governance structures, and develop innovative strategies to address problems and opportunities.

  2. Global Perspective
    Graduates will recognize and adapt to the increasingly interdependent and global nature of business. Graduates will:
    1. Recognize and account for the effects of different influences (e.g. economic, political, cultural, social, technological and ecological) on organizations.
    2. Develop the inter-cultural competencies needed to succeed in diverse environments.

  3. Responsible Leadership
    Graduates will recognize the need for personal and organizational leadership that is effective and socially responsible. Graduates will:
    1. Develop the inter-personal skills needed to work effectively with multiple stakeholders.
    2. Demonstrate leadership through service and accountability to all constituencies.
    3. Incorporate the broader ethical and socially sustainable context into their decision making.

  4. Analytical and Critical Thinking
    Graduates will critically evaluate issues and problems in organizations. Graduates will:
    1. Demonstrate competence in analytical reasoning, including analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, to form evidence-based judgments.
    2. Collect, critically evaluate and synthesize data info meaningful information. 

  5. Decision Making and Problem Solving
    Graduates will make sound decisions and implement responsible solutions to problems in organizations. Graduates will:
    1. Translate evidence-based judgments and decisions into effective, creative and sustainable solutions.

  6. Managerial Communications
    Graduates will communicate effectively their decisions using appropriate, professional communications. Graduates will:
    1. Prepare, both individually and in teams, business documents that communicate clearly and professionally.
    2. Deliver, both individually and in teams, well-organized business presentations that are clear and professional.
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