Give Back to Sobey

There are many ways our community business partners can give back to the Sobey School of Business. Whatever the resources you have to share, whether time, experience, expertise, energy, connections, passion or financial support, we can offer an opportunity. See also Share Your Expertise.

Become a Sponsor

Whatever your budget level, if you would like to support the success of tomorrow’s business leaders, we can provide you an opportunity: scholarships, facilities, speakers, student and faculty events, competitions and more. To speak to a development officer, please contact the Saint Mary’s Development Office (see below)


Contact our development office to discuss your goals for your gift and how you would like to bestow it, whether it be a current donation or a future gift.

Create a Scholarship

Have your name, your company’s name, or an esteemed colleague recognized in perpetuity with the endowment of a scholarship fund. A terrific way to recognize retiring leaders or honour the memory of a leader who has passed away.


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