Visit our Virtual University page. During this time of change, Sobey School of Business is proud to offer a responsible business education that will build your career and help you make an impact with purpose. Request information about one of our programs.

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  • RISE Again Retail

    RISE Again Retail is a virtual program designed to help small retail business owners and managers navigate challenges and spot new opportunities due to COVID-19.

  • The Relative Academic Achievement of International Students - Zoom Webinar

    Economics Webinar: The Relative Academic Achievement of International Students: Evidence from an ON University will be presented by Dr. Mikal Skuterud of University of Waterloo.

  • Machine Learning Summer School

    Ongoing Sobey School and Dalhousie project, Research Portal on Machine Learning for Social and Health Policies, presents a 3-day summer school on Machine Learning, followed by a 2-day webinar.

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