Transfer Procedures

Procedures for Transferring Material to the Records Centre

1. Select items to deposit. Items sent to the Records Centre should consist of semi-active files, or inactive files where there is some need to retain the material for a certain period of time. You need to decide on the retention period for your records before they are deposited. We can help you with that step if needed.

2. Prepare your material. All loose material should be in clearly identified files, with everything packed in file boxes. Each box should have a packing list attached indicating its contents. Make two copies of each packing list as one will be with the boxes and another will become your master list of transferred material. Bound volumes and binders do not need to be in file folders but do need to be clearly identified.
The boxes should be 15"x12"x10" file boxes ("banker's boxes"), or another similar box of the same dimensions. If you wish to order boxes, we would suggest Carr MacLean record storage boxes (code H-10761).

3. Fill out the proper forms. A Records Centre Transfer Form and Record Disposition Schedule should be filled out. A master box list (comprised of the packing list of each box) should be made. These items should be sent to the Records Centre with your boxes.

4. Send Material to the Records Centre. The Records Centre is located in the University Archives on the 3rd floor of the Patrick Power Library. It is your responsibility to see that the material is delivered to the University Archives. Facilities management may be able to help move material. For more information email at that department.

Our regular open hours are from 2pm to 4pm on Monday and Thursday, and 11am to 1 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, there is usually someone in the Archives during regular business hours and we will accept delivery of material at those times. If delivering outside our open hours please call us first at 420-5508 to confirm that someone is there to receive it.

Procedures for Retrieving Material from the Records Centre

1. Fill out a Record Access Request Form. With as much detail as possible please indicate the files and/or boxes you need, and the date when you expect the material will be returned to the Records Centre (if known). The material will be retrieved as soon as possible, in most cases on the same business day, and will either be put in internal mail or held for pick-up by your department (depending on your preference).
Generally, the only people who can access the material are those whose names are on the Records Centre Transfer Form. If you wish others in your department to be given access, fill out and send us the Department Retrieval Authorization Form.

2. Pick up material from the Records Centre. If you want to pick up the material yourself, make sure you have left us contact information so we can let you know when the items are available.

3. Return material to the Records Centre. Don't forget to make sure the material is returned when you are done with it. If you decide you want to keep the material indefinitely, make sure to let us know so we can cross it off our list of deposited material.

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