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2015: Madison Nickel (University of Alberta, Augustana)


The CSSG 35th Anniversary Scholarship has impacted me in a few different ways. First, the Canadian Summer School in Germany was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The culture it exposes one to, is nothing like anyone would ever experience in any other setting. The fact that you stay with a carefully selected family makes all the difference in learning about German culture. Second, the scholarship, via CSSG, made it possible for me to be accepted as a Fremdsprachenassistent in Bavaria. Without CSSG I would have never had the language skills or the confidence to take part in the exchange. My 8-Month exchange as a Fremdsprachenassistent has been, so far, the greatest experience of my life. Without the CSSG 35th Anniversary Award, I may never have been able to afford CSSG and as a result, not take part in the exchange.

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CSSG 35th Anniversary Award (PDF)
CSSG Student Loan Funding Information (PDF)

CSSG 35th Anniversary Award 2015 Recipients


Left to right:
Dr. Kim Misfeldt (CSSG Director)
Kelsey Monsen (University of Victoria)
Madison Nickel (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta
Megan Hardman (University of Alberta)


The Education Abroad Group Award 2015 Recipients


Front row (left to right): Corinne Barnett (University of Alberta), Nicole Hein (University of Alberta), Claudia Babin (Campus Saint Jean, University of Alberta), and Gwen Hunka (University of Alberta).

Middle row (left to right): Alexander Olson (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Keely Welsh [fourth from left] (University of Alberta), Daniel Belanger (University of Alberta), Brian Tennant (University of Alberta), Megan Hardman (University of Alberta), Jenna Geldart (University of Alberta), and Christina Hanta (University of Alberta).

Back row: Madison Nickel (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta).

Missing from the photo are: Cody Hartsburg (University of Alberta), Mathieu Martin, Deanna Robillard, Celine Doutre, Jennifer Thiessen, and Jonathan Bolivar (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta).