Residence and Meal Plans

Three on-campus residences

Choose from traditional dorm-style single and double rooms or apartment-style rooms:

Loyola Residence: A 22-storey high-rise building with same gender and co-ed floors. Senior student suites are available for those who prefer a private room and the option of cooking their own meals.

Vanier Residence: A low-rise building with same gender and co-ed floors. Each floor has a common lounge and three suites, each with two single and two double rooms and semi-private washrooms.

Edmund Rice Residence: A 17-storey high-rise featuring self-contained two-bedroom apartments, each with two double rooms, a living room, kitchen, and washroom, shared by four students. This residence also has super-single rooms available. Each apartment containing super-single rooms has three large bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Room options:

  • Super-single (an extra large single room)
  • Single (one person per room)
  • Double (two people per room)
  • Apartment-style (four people share two double rooms, living room, bathroom, and kitchen)

Sample residence Fees - Single and Double Rooms

Loyola & Vanier Room (8 months) Meals (8 months),
based on 10 meals
Single Room $6,500.00 $3,530.00 $10,030.00
Double Room $5,250.00 $3,530.00 $8,780.00

For more information on our residence options, visit the Residence website. Or contact the Centre for Housing and Residence Life: at 902-420-5598 or

Apartment fees

Per Semester
Academic Year
Double Apartment $2,725.00 $5,450.00
Single Room (Shared Bath, Kitchen) $3,350.00 $6700.00
Super Single Room (Private Bath, Kitchen) $3,450.00 $6,900.00

A meal plan is not mandatory, however, Rice residents may purchase voluntary meal plans to supplement their own cooking. Voluntary meal plans should be purchased directly from Aramark (902-420-5599).

Senior Apartment fees

Residence accommodations for 3rd year, 4th year, graduate, and mature (over the age of 21) students. A meal plan is not mandatory.

Per Semester
Academic Year
Senior Apartment
(Shared bath with kitchen)
$3,350.00 $6,700.00
Super Single Senior Apartment
(Shared bath with kitchen)
$3,450.00 $6,900.00
Senior Apartment
(Private bath, mini-fridge and microwave)
$3,300.00 $6,600.00



Meal Plans

Meal plans are mandatory for all single and double rooms in Loyola and Vanier. Voluntary meal plans can be purchased through Aramark for students living in apartments and senior suites.

Full-year students make two payments per year (one per semester) based on the number of days in each term. Single-term options are available.

Meal Plan
Academic Year
10-meal plan $3,530.00
14-meal plan $3,795.00
7-day Freedom Plan $4,150.00
Campus Freedom Plan $4,450.00

For more information on mandatory and voluntary meal plans, visit the SMU Dining website.