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Continuing Education helps foster lifelong learning, and provides many programs to further your educational goals.

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Winter 2017 Pre-University Courses

Outmigration, skill shortages, undereducated sectors, the urban/rural divide, immigration, the need for an entrepreneurial spirit, lack of jobs, the aging demographic, the global economy; these are some of the descriptors found in the "Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy” report called “Now or Never: an Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians” commonly referred to as the Ivany Report. These challenges face many individuals across many age groups and communities in Nova Scotia.

Alternatively, each of these challenges creates an opportunity.  Learning a Living is the process of taking advantage of these opportunities and acquiring knowledge that contributes to one’s success for immediate, as well as long term benefit. The Division of Continuing Education is committed to providing programs and services that support individuals of many age ranges as they proceed along their path to Learning a Living.  As we identify opportunities to address these challenges, many others come to light.  Please feel free to contact the Division of Continuing Education with ideas and suggestions.