Website management

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Keeping useful, usable and accessible.

The goal of Saint Mary’s University's digital team is to bring the campus web presence to a unified, intuitive, easy-to-use look and feel. We strongly encourage the campus community to contact the digital team to see how we can help you create a strong presence that is easily accessible to audiences. 

Keeping Saint Mary’s web presence current and relevant to our key audiences is an important priority. We are always working to bring you the latest in interactive web design, standards, and accessibility compliance.

We take a research-focused and user-centric approach with the goal of helping departments present their content and empower them to feel confident in telling their stories.

By submitting a project intake form or contacting us, our team can guide you with your vision in several different ways:

No cost set-up, training and maintenance

Software and Application Support (SAS) provides the initial, short training class in the Terminalfour content manage system (CMS) for those who maintain their department websites and content.

There is no cost for the External Affairs Web Team to help set up those pages and give guidance on what will work best to suit department needs.

(For maintenance requests, please use our website updates form.)

Engaging, fresh new design templates that are standards compliant

The External Affairs Web Team has developed web templates to be compliant with current accessibility standards that are cross-browser compatible, responsive and mobile-friendly. We can also develop secondary pages, a global navigation structure, and a lower-level navigation scheme. We can work with your department to develop the general layout, label the navigation items and generate content to populate these templates.

Easy accessibility to your web pages

We can show you the ease of accessing your content by logging in from anywhere. There is no software to download and no client-side installation. Additionally, our platform allows users to update content and create pages quickly with no knowledge of HTML or programming. Through our guidance, you will be able to reduce time, effort and resources.

Consistent Saint Mary’s University look and feel

While we work with departments in shaping the look of their web pages, the university has certain web and graphic standards to which the department’s websites need to adhere.  The External Affairs Web Team can show you how our templates guarantee how these standards are followed.

Please get in touch with the External Affairs Web Team at if you have any questions.