I Witnessed Sexual Violence

Everyone is responsible for the prevention of sexual violence. The information below provides information and guidance on how to respond appropriately when you see sexual violence taking place or saw it take place.

Seek Help By:

  • Telling someone in authority at your location.
  • Call the police, 911 or non-emergency dispatch: 902-490-5020 or 902-490-7252.
  • Contact Security at the facility or location of the assault.

University Security Contact Information:

If you are on-campus, contact University Security and the police (911).

Emergency Contact

  • Call 902-420-5000
  • Or dial 5000 from any campus phone

Non-emergency Contact

  • Call 902-420-5577
  • Or dial 5577 from any campus phone
  • Email: security@smu.ca

A more detailed list of resources can be found here.

University employees

If someone discloses an experience of sexual violence to an employee of the univeristy, the employee is required to complete the Sexual Violence Disclosure & Referral Form (PDF) and submit it to Student Affairs & Services. This form does not collect identifying information about the survivor and is used for statistical purposes. The form can be completed with the survivor, or without.

Completed forms can be submitted to: sexualviolence@smu.ca or dropped off to Student Affairs and Services, 3rd Floor Student Centre.

Sexual Violence Prevention

There are resources which can help you learn how to intervene when you witness sexual violence, or need to support a survivor:


View our What To Do- Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence document to help support survivors of sexual violence.