Interfaith Services

All Faiths Welcome

Fostering Spiritual Growth

Our goal at Holy Cross Chaplaincy is to help you uncover the best of what faith has to offer. Do you have questions and doubts about the faith that your parents and grandparents grew up with? Are you interested to find out more about the teachings of Christianity? Do you wonder whether there even is a God? Come see us at Chaplaincy. Our team of faith-filled people are ready and willing to discuss, pray and walk with you through these questions.  

Discover what a life of faith, grounded in values and purpose has to offer. Understand Christian faith traditions better.  Make life long connections, friendships and community. Grow in your desire to serve your community.

Let us help you to begin to discern where you are in your life journey.  We can support you by praying and reflecting on what’s next. We strive to foster a spirit of unity, understanding and respect for all those pursuing a life of faith.