Nebooktook - In The Woods   

Pottersfield Press  ISBN - 978-1-897426-82-1

"Nebooktook is different than any other Mike Parker book you’ve ever read...This is a book that shows the past, looks at the now and asks questions of the future....In Nebooktook, Parker quotes Amit Kalantri who said "A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture, it should be philosophy." And in that sense, all Parker’s books of photos and stories from the backwoods are a statement, a statement about the beauty and simplicity and importance of spending time in the woods.The photos of Nebooktook, showing men and women in the woods of southwest Nova Scotia, are a chance to relive the old days, wonder about the magic of it all still alive today, and dream of our next trip into those woods. If Mike Parker will be known by the tracks he leaves behind, by the books he has written, then it is safe to say he will be remembered as a man who loved to be: in the woods." Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier


"Nebooktook is lovely. I pick it up so often to enjoy the pictures again and re-read the wonderful quotes. The pictures make me nostalgic for a time I didn't know but feel I did from listening to my father's stories and reminiscences. It's a great book to keep within reach, a really good book." Christine Bolivar, Greenfield, Nova Scotia




‌Frontier Town

Pottersfield Press -  ISBN 978-1897426661


A major piece of research about a historic community and a way of life that is no more. For those interested in local history and astute depictions of a Maritime community in the early years of the 20th century, Mike Parker’s Frontier Town deserves to be picked up and enjoyed."

Dan Soucoup - Atlantic Books Today








Into the Deep Unknown


Pottersfield Press - ISBN 978-1897426463


" Into the Deep Unknown has already made one trip with me down the Shelburne River, and it will be coming again. It’s like bringing 100 friends along into the wilderness—friends who’ve been here, friends with experience and perspective."   Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier


"... a treasure-trove of historical photographs. Reading Parker’s book gives almost as much pleasure and satisfaction as canoeing the Maritime provinces’ "last great wilderness."  Canoe/Kayak Nova Scotia Newsletter






Ghost Islands of Nova Scotia


PublicationsImage2Pottersfield Press - ISBN 978-1-897426-35-7 


"Parker clearly delights in relating the haunted past of our islands ... yet all the while reminding us of the flesh and blood human beings who form such a key component of our history."


- Ralph Higgins - Atlantic Books Today


"The book is fascinating because of the depth of Parker' s research and the wealth of photographs he uncovered."


- Wendy Elliott - The Kings County News


"A great addition to the popular history of Nova Scotia."


- Jim St. Clair - The Inverness Oran


"Parker's tone oozes with humble expertise combined with genuine care for the islanders who lived amidst beautiful islands and unpredictable seas."


- Michelle Brunet - The Coast



Buried in the Woods: Sawmill Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia


PublicationsImage3Pottersfield Press  2010  ISBN 978-1-897426-14-2


"Mike Parker has a passion for the history of his native province. Buried in the Woods: Sawmill Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia is another fine example of his devoted quest to rescue the easily overlooked and nearly forgotten records of day-to-day life in Nova Scotia's past."


- Ralph Higgins - Atlantic Books Today - Spring 2010


"Buried in the Woods is an absolute must-read. Parker pieces together the past with both the mind of a reporter and the heart of a romantic."


- Stephen Patrick Clare - Halifax Chronicle Herald


"Mike Parker has compiled an absolutely fabulous collection of vintage pictures, properly fleshed out with intriguing facts and tidbits."


- David Hansen - CBC Information Morning - July 2, 2010



Gold Rush Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia


PublicationsImage4Pottersfield Press 2009 - ISBN: 978-1-897426-04-3


"In Gold Rush Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia, Mike Parker rescues from neglect [a] rich and colourful part of the province’s history.... Brought to life again are the rogues and heroes, the philanthropists and the con men, and all those who fell somewhere between the two extremes who shaped the times in which they lived..... Meticulously researched and replete with photographs, Gold Rush Ghost Towns of Nova Scotia ably demonstrates that our history, far from being boring and unexciting, is instead vibrant with character and events."


- Ralph Higgins, Atlantic Books Today, Spring 2009


"As entertaining and enlightening as the book is, it is also a bit of a prophecy. A worthy addition to any library where local history is valued.... "


- Jim St. Clair The Inverness Oran


"... an important source of historical, social and industrial information."


- Pick, Pan & Shovel : Nova Scotia Prospectors Association Newsletter, April 2010



Historic Annapolis Valley


PublicationsImage5Nimbus Publishing 2006 ISBN 1-55109-583-1


"Historic Annapolis Valley is chock full of interesting anecdotes and pictures accompanied by a friendly text written with affection ... This book may be a trip down memory lane for oldsters, but it is an exciting view of the recent past for others whose memories are shorter."


‑ Glen Hancock, Digby Courier, December 7, 2006.



Fortress Halifax


PublicationsImage6Nimbus Publishing 2004 ISBN 1-55109-494-0


"Parker shows exceptional skill in putting a human face on military history.... The book contains an enormous amount of fascinating information ... an excellent reference source on military life in Canada."
Jim Lotz: Canadian Military History Book Review Supplement


"Like a stroll back through time. Very enlightening, copiously illustrated ...well packed with nuggets of information, and anyone who's interested in the history of the city will spend many happy hours mining them."
David Pitt: Halifax Chronicle Herald


"A well-researched book ... a treasure trove of interesting snippets. Fortress Halifax is like a time capsule that will greatly enhance the experience of viewing much that still exists."


Doug Thomas LCdr (ret'd): Trident



The Smoke-Eaters


PublicationsImage7Nimbus Publishing 2002 ISBN 1-55109-417-7


"Parker has done an exhaustive amount of research.... The Smoke-Eaters is a considerable feat, gathering together into one volume a significant amount of Nova Scotia's firefighting history, ably recounted by an avid historian."
Jodi DeLong: Halifax Chronicle Herald


"There is an almost breath-taking scope in time range, geographical coverage and themes covered. The Smoke-Eaters is a welcome addition to the study of fire and fire protection in Nova Scotia. It is an eminently readable book showcasing many exceptional photographs."
B.E.S. Rudachyk: Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society


"Parker brings to the province's firefighting history the same attention to detail found in histories he has written of Digby, Lunenburg and Dartmouth."


Bruce Erskine: Halifax Chronicle Herald



Historic Digby

Nimbus Publishing, 2000 ISBN 1-55109-339-1


"If ever a writer deserved the Richardson Award for quiet, conscientious, continuous, brilliant effort, it is Mike Parker.... He has captured the flavour of our pastso well."

Lance Woolaver, Shunpiking, Nova Scotia's Discovery Magazine



Historic Lunenburg

Nimbus Publishing, 1999 ISBN 1-55109-297-2


"A superb marriage of text and photographs."

Richard Wilbur, Canadian Book Review Annual



Historic Dartmouth

Nimbus Publishing, 1998 ISBN 1-55109-265-4


"A comprehensive and thoughtful word/photo history. . . genuine and interesting. I would highly recommend it."

Arnie Patterson, The Daily News



Rivers of Yesterday

Nimbus Publishing, 1997 ISBN 1-55109-225-5


"Nova Scotian Mike Parker has become one of the Maritimes leading anthologists of wilderness history."

Eric Marks, The New Brunswick Reader



Where Moose and Trout Abound

Nimbus Publishing, 1995 ISBN 1-55109-132-1


"An enormously appealing portrait of Nova Scotia. It will make you wish you could step back in time and see the place for yourself."

David Pitt, Halifax Chronicle-Herald



Running the Gauntlet

Nimbus Publishing, 1994 ISBN 1-55109-068-6


"An excellent book ... a fascinating insight into the role of the Canadian merchant service during the Second World War ... eloquently describes the sacrifices of Canada's merchant veterans."
Gavin Murphy: The Beaver: Canada's History Magazine


"A corker of its kind - graphic."
Douglas Fisher: Legion Magazine


"Parker's work is a unique and timely contribution to the history of World War II and dramatically emphasizes an injustice long overdue for redress."
Francis I.W. Jones: Canadian Oral History Association Journal



Woodchips and Beans


PublicationsImage14Nimbus Publishing, 1992 ISBN 1-55109-023-6


"A critical collection of interviews with those who made the history. It might well have been lost."
Rob Matthews: Halifax Chronicle Herald


"Parker promises to entertain his readers with some great tales of an era now long gone."
Atlantic Books Today


"Fortunately there are people like Mike Parker who compile stories into books like this ... a worthy successor to Guides of the North Woods."


Gary Saunders: Forest Times



Guides of the North Woods

Nimbus Publishing, 1990 ISBN 0-92105-437-8


"Mike Parker is to be applauded for bringing to life a heretofore neglected aspect of our history and heritage."
Ed Stoddard: New Maritimes


"An excellent compilation of oral history that stirs the imagination and is thoroughly addictive."
Anthony R. Yue: Atlantic Provinces Book Review


"The author has done his homework. Mike Parker's love for the tradition of old time guiding is evident."
Don Cayo: Saint John Telegraph Journal


"An invaluable addition to the history of Nova Scotia."
Matt Hartman: Canadian Book Review Annual



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