Faculty and Staff Directory

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Alexander Soucy, Professor 


Ph.D. in Anthropology, The Australian National University

Email: alec.soucy@smu.ca


Dr. Margaret Y. MacDonald, Professor

Primary Field of Study
Early Christianity; New Testament

Secondary Fields of Study
Women and Christianity; family and religion; gender and religion; childhood and religion

Email: Margaret.MacDonald@smu.ca 

Dr. Magi Abdul-Masih, Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins),
Ph.D. (University of St. Michael's)

Email: magiabdul-masih@smu.ca

Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurti, Associate Professor
Ph.D. (York) 

Email: sailaja.krishnamurti@smu.ca

Dr. Syed Adnan Hussain, Associate Professor

Email: syedadnan.hussain@smu.ca

Dr. Mary Hale, Assistant Professor

Graduate, under graduate Coordinator

Email: mary.hale@smu.ca 


Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Wendell EisenerPart-time Instructor

M.A., Acadia,
S.T.D., St Elias Orthodox Seminary

Email: wendell.eisener@smu.ca

Dr. David SablePart-time Instructor, Adjunct Professor

PhD (Interdisciplinary Studies), Dalhousie University

Email: dsable@smu.ca

Chris CuttingPart-time Instructor

Ph.D.Religious Diversity in North America (Waterloo). 

Email: chris.cutting@smu.ca

Lindsay MacumberPart-time Instructor

Ph.D. Religious Studies (University of Toronto)

Email: lindsay.macumber@smu.ca

Ms. Wynne JordanPart-time Instructor

M.A. (Queen's)

Email: wynne.jordon@smu.ca

Mandy MacArthur, Part-time Instructor

MA in Religious Studies, Saint Mary's University

religion and environmental ethics; religion in contemporary culture; religion and social justice

Email: mandy.macarthur@smu.ca

Dr. Natalie Ghosn, Esq. Part-time Instructor

Ph.D. International Studies (University of Miami)

LL.M. International Law (University of Miami School of Law)

Dr. Paul Bowlby, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (McMaster)

Dr. Anne Marie Dalton, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (Catholic University of America)

Dr. Terry Murphy, Professor Emeritus


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