Faculty and Staff Directory

Full Time Faculty

A photo of Dr. Alexander Soucy.

Dr. Alexander Soucy, Professor, Chair

Email: alec.soucy@smu.ca

Phone: 902-420-5866

Office: McNally North 505

Margaret MacDonald - Full-Time Faculty Member - Study of ReligionDr. Margaret Y. MacDonald, Professor

Email: margaret.macdonald@smu.ca 

Phone: 902-491-6699

Office: McNally North 528

Dr. Syed Adnan Hussain, Graduate Coordinator, Associate Professor

Email: syedadnan.hussain@smu.ca

Phone: 902-496-8217

Office: McNally North 504

Dr. Mary Hale, Undergraduate Advisor, Assistant Professor

Email: mary.hale@smu.ca

Phone: 902-420-5863

Office: McNally North 507


Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Wendell EisenerPart-time Instructor

Email: wendell.eisener@smu.ca

Phone: 902-491-6291

Office: McNally North 506

Dr. David SablePart-time Instructor, Adjunct Professor

Email: dsable@smu.ca

Phone: 902-497-2127

Office: McNally North 506

Dr. Chris CuttingPart-time Instructor

Email: chris.cutting@smu.ca

Phone: McNally North 506

Office: 902-491-6291

Dr. Lindsay MacumberPart-time Instructor

Email: lindsay.macumber@smu.ca

Phone: 902-491-6291

Office: McNally North 506

Ms. Mandy MacArthur, Part-time Instructor

Email: mandy.macarthur@smu.ca

Phone: 902-491-6587

Office: Burke 210

Ms. Tammy Williams, Part-time Instructor

Email: Tammy.Williams@smu.ca 

Office: McNally North 506

Ms. Janice Anderson, Part-time Instructor

Email: Janice.Anderson@smu.ca 


Professor Emeritus

Dr. Paul Bowlby

Ph.D. (McMaster)

Dr. Anne Marie Dalton

Ph.D. (Catholic University of America)

Dr. Terry Murphy


Faculty of Arts
Department for the study of Religion
Mailing address:
923 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3C3