Pack Leaders

The Pack Leader Team!

Pack Leaders are volunteers that help welcome and orient new students to Saint Mar y's through the New to SMU program and Welcome Weeks. Pack Leaders help guide and support new students through events and activities to help them make a smooth transition to the SMU community. The New to SMU program is designed to support new students to gain familiarity with campus, start to make connections, increase knowledge of the university and the services provided, and build a sense of belonging.


  • Help new students gain a positive experience starting at SMU.
  • You will gain skills and experience and grow as a student.     
  • It’s a great way to get involved at SMU.
  • You will learn way more about SMUSA and Saint Mary’s than you knew before.
  • You will meet new people and create lasting friendships.
  • It looks great on a resume, and you can add it to CCR.
  • A fantastic way to give back and help others have a positive start to university.


  • Meet the Pack Welcome Event - to be held the week of March 30th-April 3rd (date to be confirmed).
  • Mandatory Online Training Modules (5-10 hours) to be completed at own pace by August 25th.
  • Mandatory In-Person training August 28th-31st.
  • Pack Leader social events during July and August.
  • Attending Welcome Weeks in September - September 2nd-5th is mandatory; September 6th-15th sign up based on your availability.
  • Pack Leader Appreciation Event - to be held at the end of September (date to be confirmed).

key responsibilities

As a Pack Leader you are responsible for:

  • Attending and actively participating in Student Leader Training.
  • Actively participate in all required events, including meetings, Welcome Weeks Leader trainings, move-in and Welcome Weeks events. Specific dates will be provided.  
  • Helping to run events (e.g., facilitating icebreakers, small group activities, set-up and take down).
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming community for all new students. 
  • Facilitate activities and discussions with students to develop a sense of connection and belonging to the Saint Mary’s community. 
  • Guide students throughout Welcome Weeks and answer fundamental questions about Saint Mary’s student services, facilities, opportunities, and activities. 


Pack Leader applications are closed for Fall 2023.

Questions? Email

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Contact the Welcome Weeks Team:
Phone: 902-420-5166