The World at Saint Mary's

On our close-knit campus of just one city block, more than a quarter of our students are international, coming from over 80 countries around the world. This gives you the exceptional opportunity to make global connections and close friendships that span continents without even leaving campus.

Supporting International Initiatives on Campus

Both students and faculty benefit from Saint Mary’s international focus.

The International Activities Office offers a wide range of services, including:

An International Education

If you’re looking for a more formal approach to learning about other cultures, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an expansive list of international programs, including:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Commerce

  • Global Business Management


  • Chinese Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Spanish and Hispanic Culture

Master of Arts

  • International Development Studies

Master of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

  • International Development Studies

Promoting Chinese Culture in Canada

The Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s serves as a link between Nova Scotia and China, while also offering:

  • Non-credit courses in Chinese language and culture
  • Chinese language proficiency testing (HSK)
  • Teacher training
  • Specialized courses for business and hospitality
  • Lectures
  • Film series