Categories, Criteria & Nominations

Category: Athlete

Must have represented Saint Mary’s University as a student-athlete for a minimum of three years, and must have competed with distinction at the highest level of athletic competition.

Selection Criteria:

  • The Major factor for consideration for selection is the athlete’s (a minimum of three years)/team’s contribution to Saint Mary’s University’s varsity athletic program.
  • Other factors which will be considered for selection include: the athlete’s achievements in provincial, national and international athletic competitions while representing Saint Mary’s University/College; character; leadership; non-athletic service to the University community; and achievement(s) in later life.
  • Normally, consideration for selection will be given to an athlete following a minimum of a fifteen (15) year absence from the varsity program.

Category: Team

Must have competed with distinction at provincial, national and/or international athletic competition Championships.

Selection Criteria:

  • Varsity Championship Status at the provincial, national and/or international level of competition.
  • Normally, consideration for selection will be given to a team following a minimum of fifteen (15) years after their Championship Status has been achieved.
  • CIS Varsity Championship teams will be automatically inducted into the Hall without having to be nominated. The Induction will take place fifteen (15) years after the team(s) has/have captured the CIS Championship(s). The Steering Committee shall be responsible for bringing this to the Selection Committee two (2) years prior to the team(s) Induction Year.

Category: Builder

Must have made a significant contribution to Saint Mary’s University’s athletics other than as a student-athlete.

Selection Criteria:

  • A member of the University community who has made a significant contribution to Saint Mary’s University athletics for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Normally, consideration for selection as a builder will not be given to an individual until fifteen (15) years after their initial involvement/appointment.


Any individual with an interest in Saint Mary’s University athletics (e.g. faculty, staff, administration, alumni, athletes, students, the media and the general public) may put forth a nomination in any of the three categories – Athlete, Team or Builder. Nominators must supply sufficient supportive detail with nominations to allow the Selection Committee to make a recommendation.

Nomination forms are available from the Department of Athletics & Recreation by calling (902) 420-5429. Deadline for applications is March 31, of each year. You may also download a PDF version of the Nomination Form by . SMU Hall of Fame Nomination Form - Final . For guidelines please review the Saint Mary's University SMU Hall of Fame Policy & Procedure Manual

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