President's Award

Presidents Award for Excellence in Research

Nominations are solicited for the President's Award for Excellence in Research. The annual award will honor outstanding research conducted by a full-time faculty member who has been employed at Saint Mary's University for at least three years. Presentation of the award will take place at the Fall convocation.

Nomination Procedure

  • The name of each nominee will be submitted to the Dean of the nominee's faculty.
  • From the names submitted, each Dean may select not more than two according to the selection procedure.
  • Each nomination must be supported by three internal nomination letters; one from the Dean of the Faculty and two others from current SMU Faculty members.  The Dean will request the nomination letters from the other two internal nominators and must provide a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, sources and amounts of research funding, relevant awards and other honors the nominee has won during his or her research career, and society membership and offices.
  • The Dean will solicit letters of support from at least three national or international experts to whom the Dean will provide the curriculum vitae and the terms of reference of the award.  These external experts must not be in a Conflict of Interest with the nominee, as defined by the Senate's Conflict of Interest in Research policy.  The FGSR Research Committee may also seek the advice of referees other than those suggested.

All letters of recommendation and supporting documents must be forwarded to the Secretary of the FGSR Research Committee.

Selection Procedure

The Award is adjudicated by the FGSR Research Committee. The Committee has the authority to decide which nominee, if any, is deserving of the award. The Committee may seek whatever external advice it deems appropriate.

Selection Criteria

1. Productivity - The nominee must have a record of continued exceptional contributions to research/scholarship.

 Such achievement may be evidenced by any of the following:
  • Authorship or important participation in authorship of significant publications collectively demonstrating research ability and leadership in a major field of knowledge.
  • Authorship or co-authorship of publications authoritatively reviewing complex, important or advanced fields of knowledge.
  • A record of successful transfer of knowledge to industry or to other area of application.
  • Contributions in other forms of creative activity.

2. Creativity - Clear evidence of creativity in the development of original interpretations, or concepts in the absence of previous related studies and interpretations.

3. Influence and Impact - The nominee must have a record of substantial impact on the course of scholarly research by others.

This may be demonstrated by one or more of the following:

  • Widespread use of theories, concepts or interpretations developed by the nominee in research by others.
  • Use of theories, concepts or interpretations by the nominee in textbooks or definitive review papers.
  • A superior record of citations in citation index (where appropriate).
  • A strong record of influence on honours students, graduate students, postdocs and/or collaborators.

4. Recognition - The nominee must have attained national or international recognition as an authority in a major field of knowledge.

Such recognition may be evidenced by any of the following:

  • Holds office in professional societies or serves on important committees.
  • Acts as an editor or member of the editorial board of recognized research journals.
  • Serves as official or invited delegate at international meetings or has been invited to address senior professional bodies.
  • Has an appropriate record of external research grants or fellowships.

*Nominators, external experts and the FGSR Research Committee should be sensitive to gender bias that can influence national or international recognition in some research disciplines.    

Recipients of Presidents Award for Research Excellence