Working with Interpreters

What is ASL-English interpreting services?

Will you be communicating in person with someone who uses American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language? Don’t know ASL? No problem, that’s where a professional ASL-English interpreter can facilitate the communication between those who do not share the same language. Simply put, interpreters take the meaning from one language and render it into the appropriate grammatical structure and cultural framework of another language, and vice versa. This is typically done simultaneously with a few seconds of processing time. 

All interpreters working with the Faculty of Science are members of the only national association for ASL-English interpreters, the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI), which offers the only national certification of ASL-English interpreters and a Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct that all members must adhere to. Interpreting Services also requires interpreters to follow the SMU Faculty of Science Terms of Services. 

A quick guide to the interpreting team can be found here: The Interpreting Team

An overview of Deaf Space can be found here.

How to work with interpreting services

Working with ASL-English interpreters may be a new experience for you. We have developed an array of information sheets to help guide those unfamiliar with interpreting services through some commonly encountered situations. The information sheets contain general information that is applicable to multiple situation while some specific details may not be captured and these can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the staff interpreter. 


Academic Settings


(television & radio)

Working with Interpreters: For Presenters and Lecturers

Tip Sheet: Working with Interpreters -- for radio

Working with Interpreters: For Meeting Chairs

Tip Sheet: Working with Interpreters -- for TV

Working with Interpreters: ASL Chaired Meeting


Working with Interpreters: For Defense Chairs


Working with Interpreters: For Presentations Given In ASL



For Students

General Information

Working with Interpreters: For Defense Students

Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - For general Information 

Working with Interpreters: For Defense Supervisors

Working with Interpreters: Preparation Materials

Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - For DEEHR orientation  

Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - For remote meetings


Events & Conferences


Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - For event organizers

Classroom Observations - Observers  

Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - For conference organizers

Classroom Obervations: SMU Students & Staff


Observers in Virtual Environment - Observers


Observers in Virtual Environment - Participants


How to book interpreting services

If you would like to book ASL-English interpreting services please contact the Faculty of Science staff ASL-English interpreter at:    or    902-496-8761 

Please include the date, time, location, and purpose of the meeting or event requiring interpreting services in the initial email to the staff interpreter. Here is an information sheet about requesting interpreting services. 

Working with Interpreters: Requesting Interpreting Services

Working with Interpreters Tip Sheet - Requesting external interpreting services

If you have any questions about booking interpreting services please contact the staff interpreter.

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