Faculty and Staff

 Full-Time Faculty

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  • Ashley Carver, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Melbourne: Terrorism, counter-terrorism, genocide, policing and law enforcement.  Tel: (902) 420-5874; email: ashley.carver@smu.ca
  • Rachael Collins, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Violence, serial homicide, mass murder, quantitative analysis, meta-analysis. Tel: (902) 491-6475; email: r.collins@smu.ca (on sabbatical 2021-2022)
  • Diane Crocker, Ph.D., Professor, York University: Violence against women; criminal harassment/stalking; judicial decision making; restorative justice; qualitative and quantitative research methods; feminist criminology; and law and society. Tel: (902) 420-5875; email: diane.crocker@smu.ca
  • Alexa DodgePh. D., Assistant Professor, Carleton University, digital criminology, technology-facilitated violence, sexual violence, feminist criminology, criminal law, and restorative justice. Tel: (902) 420-5888; email: alexandra.dodge@smu.ca 
  • Maria Gómez, Ph.D., Associate Professor, New School for Social Research. Criminological & political theory, prejudice & hate crimes, gender & cultural studies, critical legal theory. Tel: (902) 420-5149; email: maria.gomez@smu.ca 
  • Jay Healey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University. Sexual violence, sexual sadism, atypical sexual behavior, nonsexual homicide, and quantitative research methodologies. Tel: (902) 420-5531; email: jay.healey@smu.ca 
  • Jamie Livingston, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Mental illness and criminal justice; stigma; compulsory treatment; forensic mental health; risk and recovery. Tel: (902) 491-6258; email: jamie.livingston@smu.ca 
  • Stephen Schneider, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of British Columbia: Organized crime, crime prevention, developmental criminology, policing and law enforcement; community development. Tel: (902) 420-5872 ; email: stephen.schneider@smu.ca  


Adjunct Faculty

  • Dr. Verona Singer, Ph.D., Dalhousie University: Intimate partner violence, sexual violence, victim services

Part-Time Instructors


In Memoriam

  • Dr. John McMullan, Ph.D., Professor (1985-2014)
  • Dr. Kevin Bonnycastle, Ph.D., Associate Professor (2004-2011)