Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship

In partnership with TD Insurance, the Alumni Association is proud to provide sponsorship to student societies and clubs for projects, events, and competitions. Sponsorship can also include an alumni presence or speaker gifts. Funding is limited and not guaranteed. Please fill out the Student Sponsorship application form or contact us for more information.

Section 1 - Applicant Information

Full Name*: Street Address*:
Email*: City*:
Telephone*: Postal Code*:
Fax: Name of club, etc*:
Role in club, etc*:    

Section 2 - Details of Funding Request

Name of Event/*: Funding Required*:
Date of Event / Initiative*: Location*:
Role in Event / Initiative*: Goal of Event*:
Participants / Audience*: # of people invited*:
Expected Participants*: Alumni Participants*:
Co-sponsors or Partners*: Date Funding is Needed*:
Draw Prize Requested? Yes No    

Sources of Funding: Please list below all other organizations, faculties, departments, clubs, societies and others from which you have requested funding for this event/initiative.

Name of other funders Requested funds Funds Received

Recognition: Please check below all opportunities for recognition of the SMU Alumni Association for this project grant or sponsorship

Opportunity for Alumni Association representative to attend and bring greetings from the SMU Alumni Association

Recognition in event program

Recognition in event invitation

Recognition in other print media/social media

Opportunity for Alumni Association to place signage/literature at event


Alumni Participation

We require support from the Alumni Office in promoting the event/project to a group of alumni? (if so, the Alumni Office will follow-up with you regarding details)

We can provide the Alumni Office with a list of alumni participants following the event/activity which includes updated contact information, including email addresses? (if yes, please ensure that you provide notice to participants that you will do this and provide an opportunity for them to opt out if they do not wish their information to be forwarded to the Alumni Office)

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