Sherman Hines

Sherman Hines

Doctor of Letters

Sherman Hines has a unique ability to capture the world on film. The Nova Scotia born photographer is a truly gifted artist whose work has earned him international respect.

Hines was born and raised in Queen's County, Nova Scotia. In 1960, he received a diploma in photography from the Royal Canadian Air Force. He then studied photography for four years at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California where he received the highest honors the school ever awarded a graduate.

He has since had over 60 photographic books published. His books feature the natural wonders of Africa, Alaska and Canada as he sees them through his lens. There are one million copies of his publications in the marketplace and he has had 47 best sellers.

Hines has received a high level of recognition for his work including the Canadian Photographer of the Year Award and a Fellowship in the American Society of Photographers as well as six degrees in professional photography, and two gold medals of excellence in photography from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia and the National Association for Photographic Art.

For thirteen years, Hines operated a studio in Halifax. His love of wildlife and concern for conservation led him to create the Canadian Wildlife Conservation Stamp and Limited Edition Print Program. He raises $50,000 for Canadian Wildlife Conservation each year.

In his hometown of Liverpool, the public can view his work and that of other Nova Scotian artists at The Sherman Hines Museum of Photography and Art Galleries. His interest in architect led him to meticulously restore four historic buildings in Liverpool.

He has lectured in each province and territory in Canada, as well as 50 states in the USA. For 14 years he was lecturer for the West Coast School of Photography in California.

His work as a photographer and his ability to put his talent to towards good causes has earned him an Honourary Doctor of Letters.