Linda Carvery

Linda Carvery

Doctor of Letters

Linda Carvery began her musical journey at the Cornwallis Street Baptist Church in Halifax - a musical journey that has taken her to Washington's Capitol Hill. It was on Capitol Hill that she performed with the Nova Scotia Mass Choir during the 30th anniversary celebrations of Martin Luther King's March.

The Mass Choir is one of only a handful of multi-racial choirs in North America. Carvery has been president of the choir since its debut. The Mass Choir has performed throughout the Maritimes; Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC.

In her late teens, Carvery traveled throughout the Maritimes as a vocalist with composer and pianist Joe Sealy and saxophonist Bucky Adams. She took a long break from performing and after high school she trained as a certified nursing assistant. She is married with four children. Over the years, she has been a foster mother to teenage single mothers, teaching them parenting and life skills. The Carvery house on Creighton Street is always open, day or night, to anyone in need.

Ms. Carvery has served as a board member on the Social Assistance Appeal Board, Halifax Housing Authority and the National Parole Board. She is a member of the Solicitor General's Special Committee on Provincially Incarcerated Women and served as President of the Congress of Black Women.

Carvery is a founding member of the Black Focus magazine. She also writes for the magazine and is currently the advertising manager. She is a minority hiring advisor for Atlantic Superstores and a night monitor at the YWCA.

Her concern for the well-being of others and her contributions to the music community have earned her an Honourary Doctor of Letters.