Lewis W. MacKenzie

Major-General (Ret'd) Lewis W. MacKenzie, S.B.St.J., M.S.C., C.D.

Doctor of Civil Law

Solider turned best selling author, Major-General MacKenzie was born in Truro, Nova Scotia. He graduated from Xavier Junior College in 1960 and was commissioned in the Queen?s Own Rifles of Canada. Assignments with his regiment included service with the UN Emergency Force (UNEF) in the Gaza Strip, with the UN Peacekeeping Force (UNPF) in Cyprus, and with the British Army of the Rhine. In 1973, he took part in the International Commission of Control and Supervision in Vietnam and also served in Egypt with the UNEF. After promotion to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 1977, he was appointed Commanding Officer of Princess Patricia?s Canadian Light Infantry, with which he returned to Cyprus as Nicosia District Commander. After a number of administrative positions, he was promoted to Brigadier-General in 1987 and appointed Director General Combat Related Employment for women. In 1988, he became Commander of the Combat Training Centre and CFB Gagetown, N.B. In 1990, he was appointed Deputy Chief of UN OObserver Group Central America, later becoming its Chief Military Observer. In 1991 and 1992, he held headquarters postings, and in March of 1992, he was appointed Chief of Staff for the UNPF in Yugoslavia and was subsequently promoted to Major-General when he assumed command of Sector Sarajevo. During July of 1992, he led a force with soldiers from 31 nations as they opened the Sarajevo airport for the delivery of humanitarian aid. He returned to Canada in August 1992 and in February 1993, was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross and Bar. He retired from the army earlier this year and is now operating his own communications company. His book, Peacekeeper: the Road to Sarajevo, headed MacLean?s Magazine best seller list in September.