Jamal Badawi

Dr. Jamal Badawi

Doctor of Civil Law

Dr. Jamal Badawi will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law in the afternoon ceremony. Dr. Badawi is a professor, an Imam and international scholar on Islam. He is a Professor Emeritus with Saint Mary's and has devoted his career to promoting a better understanding of Islam to audiences ranging from theology students to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has published widely on Islam and management studies. His academic achievements include a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ain-Shams University in Cairo, a Master of Business Administration degree and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Indiana University. After teaching Management at the University of Maine, he joined Saint Mary's in 1970 as a faculty member in the Department of Management, where he taught until retirement in 2005. Since retirement, he has continued to teach part time with the Department of Religious Studies. Throughout his career, his active role in building community and promoting understanding has included service as the Nova Scotia representative for Human Concerns International (a non-profit international relief organization), the founding of the Maritime Muslim Academy and the Islamic Information Foundation, and participation as a member of the FIQH Counsel, a group of Islamic scholars who interpret Muslim religious law. Too, he is an Imam in the Islam Association of the Maritime Provinces and the Halifax Mosque. This Honorary Doctorate recognizes the contribution Dr. Badawi has made to civil society around the world, as well as his long service and commitment to Saint Mary's University.