Office of the Respectful Workplace Advisor

Saint Mary’s University is a learning, teaching, and working community committed to providing a civil and safe environment which is free of harassment and discrimination and respectful of the rights, responsibilities, well-being and dignity of all of its members.  It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to contribute to a respectful environment for work and study.  The Respectful Workplace Advisor provides leadership and support in championing such an environment.   

The Respectful Workplace Advisor builds strong relationships both within and outside the university community and develops meaningful collaborative initiatives to educate and engage employees in best practices for conflict resolution and respectful workplaces to maximize the potential for a fulfilling work experience.  The Respectful Workplace Advisor maintains an impartial role and provides a safe, trauma-informed, and confidential space for consultations and coaching.   

Who does the Respectful Workplace Advisor support?

Services of the office are open to all employees of the University, whether full-time or part-time, contract or permanent, unionized or non-unionized, or faculty or staff. We also support administrative and academic units and groups of leaders, managers and instructors.

Any member of the University community, including students and volunteers, may consult with the Respectful Workplace Advisor if they feel they have been discriminated against or harassed by a Saint Mary’s University employee.

Who is the Respectful Workplace Advisor?

Jennifer has wide-ranging experience in conflict resolution and advocacy cultivated in the areas of labour and employment law and family law.  With a background in Human Resource Management and training in Mediation, Restorative Justice and Workplace Investigations, Jennifer has always been interested in what drives and motivates human behaviour. 

Her focus is supporting university community members with turning workplace conflict into opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve system processes. 

What Services are Offered?


    • Experiencing/Identifying Harassment or Bullying
    • Experiencing/Identifying Discrimination or Human Rights Issues
    • Managing a Conflict between Employees
    • Navigating the Respectful Workplace Policy or related policies and procedures (Making a Complaint/Responding to a Complaint/Investigating a Complaint/Seeking Supports)
    • Identifying potential early intervention and informal conflict resolution approaches
    • Exploring Teambuilding and Workplace Restoration options designed to improve and (re)build employee engagement and productivity


    • Providing Employee Feedback
    • How to Broach a Difficult Conversation
    • Dealing with a Challenging Relationship at Work
    • Investigating Respectful Workplace Complaints


    • Round Table Discussions/Option Exploration and Group Decision Making
    • Team Debriefing and Workplace Restoration Sessions
    • Team Building/Team Values Setting Exercise
    • Mediations (Difficult Conversations, Relationship/Communication Repair, Conflict/Issue Negotiation)


    • Departmental climate and culture reviews ideal for change management, exploring claims of toxic workplace and as part of workplace restoration efforts
    • May include employee interviews, surveys, process reviews and recommendations


    • Regular Team Review of Respectful Workplace Policy and Procedures
    • Specific Group training on Respectful Workplace Policy related topics (Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying)
    • Training Development by Request (Bystander Intervention, Bias Awareness, Giving Feedback, etc.)
    • Recommend and source relevant educational supports and materials based on identified needs
    • Awareness Initiatives


    • Participation in Events related to Equity/Diversity/Inclusion/Human Rights/Respectful Workplaces
    • Involvement on relevant Committees, Panel Discussions, Townhalls, Webinars
    • Available to discuss and promote new ideas, initiatives, best practices
    • Actively works to understand employee concerns and help employees navigate available supports

Contact Us 

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