Labour Relations

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This is the dedicated section of the Saint Mary's University website for updates on labour relations between the university and its bargaining units.  

Saint Mary's University's Commitment to Labour Relations 

Saint Mary's University provides an excellent environment for research, teaching and learning, and working for our faculty, students and staff. The university administration understands that faculty and staff are critical pillars of the university and vital to our mission and ability to create, share, and disseminate knowledge to the world.

Saint Mary's is committed to providing competitive terms and compensation for faculty and staff while ensuring the institution's sustainability. The university administration respects the collective bargaining process and is committed to coming to timely agreements.


Collective Bargaining Continues with SMUFU

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Meetings related to the collective bargaining process began between the Saint Mary’s University Faculty Union (SMUFU) and Saint Mary’s University Bargaining Team in early July 2022. Since the initial protocol discussion, several meetings have taken place over July and August as both groups work through proposed changes to the collective agreement.  Additional meetings are expected to take place in August and early September.


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