Research EXPO 2017

Everyone is Welcome!

Loyola Conference Hall
Friday, March 3, 2017
1:00 pm until 4:00 pm

Collaborating at Research Expo

Dr. Kevin Vessey, Associate Vice President of Research, extends a warm invitation to this year’s Research Expo, an exceptional event to highlight and promote the innovative research of faculty and graduate students at Saint Mary’s University.

Come and experience what Saint Mary’s has to offer with a short series of 5 minute Research Presentations and 34 displays from Faculties in Science, Business and Arts.  

To register, please visit our Eventbrite page! To get a sense of what to expext at Research Expo, see our video.

Dr. Jason Rhinelander delivering a pitch presentation at Research Expo

Below is a list of the presenters and their research titles: 

Dr. Kate Irvine, International Development Studies
The Highs and Lows of Carbon Pricing

Dr. Danika van Proosdij, Geography and Environmental Studies

Dr. Jamie Livingston, Sociology and Criminology
Why success stories matter in forensic mental health?

Dr. Claudia De Fuentes, Management
What are the main determinants for innovation in Canadian firms?

Dr. Cristian Suteanu, Geography and Environmental Studies
Wind energy - new methodological tools to open the black box of uncertainty

Dr. Lucie Kocum, Psychology - The C-word at Work
Researchers and the Community Partner to Co-develop a Healthy Workplace Response to Cancer

Dr. Pawan Lingras, Mathematics and Computing Science
Productivity gains using big data and supercomputing in business and engineering

Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science
Toxic Metal(loids) and Ecosystem Health: what is going on in Nova Scotia?

Dr. Heather Sanderson and Ms. Cindy Harrigan, Information Literacy, Library
Research Readiness of Undergraduate Students

Mr. Peter Webster, Information Systems, Library
Library Use and Student Success at Libraries

Mr. William Kay, Ms. Stefani Woods, Mr. Jonathan Shaw, Global Commons Learning for Teaching and Learning
Engaging Student Learning with e-Portfolios: A Studio Study Proposal

The following Departments, Reseach Centres and Service Centres will have display exhibits and booths:

Astronomy and Physics
Sociology and Criminology
Community Conservation Network
Change Lab Action Research Institute
Geography and Environmental Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
CN Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Global Commons Stuydio for Teaching and Learning
Maritime Provincial Spatial Analysis Research Centre
Centre for Excellence in Accounting and Reporting Cooperatives
Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning
Mathematics and Computing Science
International Development Studies
Environmental Science
Patrick Power Library
Work Wellness Lab
The Spark Zone

We have provided a Draft Research Expo Programand Draft Floorplan for your reference.

For further information, please contact Danielle Goodfellow, Industry Liaison Officer, OICE at (902) 420-5270 or