Research EXPO 2016

Dr. Patricia Bradshaw (Dean of Sobey School of Business), Dr. Steven Smith (Dean of Science), Dr. Margaret MacDonald (Dean of Arts) and Dr. Kevin Vessey (Associate Vice President Research, Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies Research)

Thank you all for helping to make Saint Mary’s sixth annual Research EXPO such a great success! Faculty, staff and student participation was tremendous. We also had a good representation from government, NGO’s and industry. There was a variety of projects to see in the display area and an equally interesting research pitch presentations to hear. The time lapse video below demonstrates the energy and engagement happening in the room.
Congratulations to Predrag Rajnis with Information Technology Systems and Support on being the 2016 recipient of the Staff Research Recognition Award!

Predrag Rajnis
If you did not get a chance to connect with a researcher from Saint Mary’s University, please contact the Office of Innovation and Community Engagement (OICE). They would also appreciate any feedback you wish to provide, to assist in improving the event for years to come. To schedule a meeting with OICE or provide feedback, please email or call (902) 420-5270.
We look forward to seeing you at Research Expo 2017.
Kevin Vessey, Associate Vice President Research