Alumni Ambassador Program

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About the Alumni Ambassador Program

We are seeking volunteer Alumni Ambassadors from across Canada, and in key international recruitment markets around the globe, to help identify and recruit talented high school students. The more active our alumni, the farther the reach of our ability to attract students to our campus.

There are several ways to get involved with the AAP:

  1. Interviewing
    AAP Interviews allow students who are interested in, or have already applied to, Saint Mary's University to meet with a SMU alumnus/a, and learn more about life and academics at Saint Mary’s.
  2. University Fairs
    AAP members can represent Saint Mary’s at local education fairs in their areas. Alumni find representing SMU at education fairs a fun way to stay connected to their alma mater.
  3. Speakers
    AAP speaking engagements allow alumni to talk about their experiences at Saint Mary's University at various recruitment functions throughout the year or in high school classrooms.


Regardless of your graduation year or program from Saint Mary's University, all SMU alumni are invited to participate as AAP alumni volunteers.

To participate, a Saint Mary’s alum must:

  • Want to share their enthusiasm and love for Saint Mary’s University with others
  • Enjoy meeting with prospective students from diverse backgrounds
  • Have regular access to the internet and to email
  • Be willing to receive emails from applicants to request interviews, information about/invitations to assist at local fairs and events, and information about speaking engagements

General Expectations

  • Understand that all Alumni Ambassadors take part in the program on a volunteer basis.
  • Participate in a Skype interview with the Alumni & Admissions & Recruitment Departments to determine your fit for the program.
  • Participate in a training session (online or in person with one of our recruiters in the field) regarding general recruitment features of Saint Mary’s and admission requirements. This training will take approximately 1 hour or less per year. 
  • Participate in at least 1-2 activities (interviews or events) during the season. Keep in mind that you are welcome to turn down any request that does not fit into your schedule. Also, please know that the number of requests you receive will vary based on the number of applicants and volunteers in your area.
  • Respond to student emails within three business days and use an automated "out of office" reply if you cannot check your email for more than 3 consecutive days.
  • Keep up to date on Saint Mary's University news and updates via our Alumni newsletter.
  • Represent Saint Mary's University in a positive and honest light.
  • Treat every prospective student with respect and sensitivity.
  • Keep all student information confidential.
  • Be encouraging and resourceful, but always refrain from making any commitments or promises of admission.
  • When conducting in-person interviews, always use an agreeable public space and include parents in the invitation; never meet in a private office or residence. 
  • Share your personal experiences about Saint Mary’s University and encourage students and families to contact Admissions & Recruitment for more detailed information.
  • Send an email to your liaison in Admissions and Recruitment to report on the activities or interviews (and provide your insight/recommendations). 
  • Please know that you are not required to take part in the program for any specific length of time and may end your involvement in the program at any time if you are no longer able to volunteer as an Alumni Ambassador.

ApplicationTo apply, please complete our online application form

Please do not be disappointed if you are not selected right away. It is likely that we have someone in your region with your background already or have fewer recruitment events and activities in your area at this time.